Ron Reimann, ZapTel President & CEO, discusses why customers choose ZapTel to buy calling cards
About Us

If you are reading this then you are a bit serious about sizing up our company - I appreciate your time.

Frankly, now we sell a commodity - something you can buy many places, and it is hard to tell one product from another. So we have to find our niche - a way that we add value so certain people decide we are the best place to obtain international long distance services.

If these things matter to you, than ZapTel was designed for you.

Disclose all - if you've noticed, we tell you who we are, our address, we share our blog, we show any fees on our phone cards, and we even share telephone call reports with per call charges shown for any carrier that offers this service - all to disclose to you so what we know, you know.

Friendly support - You can reach a human being, located in the US, who is knowledgeable and helpful, by telephone, live chat, or email, should you ever find a need to do so. We do the right thing to make things right, if given the chance.

A great website - We hope you agree - we put our hearts into building you an online store that makes finding and purchasing the right card both easy and even a little fun. There is no other store just like it.

Great rates - Of course you want low-cost, we know that's likely the first thing you looked at here. We keep our overhead low and our carriers keep competing to have their products in our store, so we almost always have a really great offer for every country. If you don't think so, please let me know.

Easy to use, time saving features - Like an innovative feature such as Print'n'Go™ that makes getting hard copy of your phone card a snap, to the simple elegance of the online account management features.

We've identified the lowest rates and best services, bringing them all together here, in one easy to use site.

ZapTel is a privately held company that in 1999 pioneered the convenience of desktop delivery and 24-hour a day online self-service account management.

We are headquartered in a northwest suburb of Chicago, Illinois, USA, and we have served hundreds of thousands of prepaid phone card customers and administer nearly 500 University programs. About 80% of our customers are repeat customers.

ZapTel has earned a reputation of offering some of the best customer service in the industry. With the continued telecommunications industry changes, many providers have eliminated live customer service from their operations, providing a voice mail maze instead. ZapTel remains committed to customer satisfaction and will work hard to keep every customer for life. When you need it, you can reach a live ZapTel customer service representative who is there to help you.

We have a great team assembled to serve you. Our employees and carrier partners all work together to bring you a great long distance calling experience.

Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to serving you
Ron Reimann
President and CEO

P.S. Please drop me a note if you have a suggestion or feedback for our company, to

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