Phone Card & International Prepaid Calling Cards by ZapTel
Why ZapTel
Want to feel smart about your phone card purchase?

You scour a bunch of look-alike online phone cards stores searching for a safe place to buy. Hoping to get a good value that won't embarrass you with poor quality connections or rates that don't rate.

Thousands have researched online, checked out local retailers, and chosen ZapTel for prepaid long distance, again and again, for over 4 years.


We make sure you buy phone cards smart.

Phone cards are a brilliant way to make low cost domestic and international calls when you buy smart.

Phone cards can be a time sinkhole and money-waster when you buy dumb.

ZapTel is here to help you buy smart. 80% of our orders come from repeat customers. Testimonials

In fact, since we pre-screen all the products in our store, buying anything our rate search results recommend would be a smart thing to do. We offer products from several different carriers, so you have a choice.

We fully disclose all the terms for each phone card we offer. And in the event something does go wrong with your account, ZapTel backs you with helpful, friendly customer service available by email or toll-free phone.

And did you know, over 400 universities in the United States recommend ZapTel phone cards to their international students. Another reason ZapTel is...

...The educated choice in phone cards.

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