ZapTel - Information on sending a phone card gift by email
Send a Phone Card Gift
Give the gift of communication

Prepaid Phone Cards make an excellent gift for three reasons:

  1. You give the recipient the gift of calling people they care about without concern about the cost, and
  2. You as the giver can select, order, and have the gift delivered right now from the desk you are seated at.
  3. The phone card expiration clock does not start ticking until the phone card is first used.

Send an active, ready-to-use, prepaid phone card to family and friends using your ZapTel account. With our Address Book features, your personal ZapTel Account offers you the ability to select a phone card and send it by email to anyone you wish... INSTANTLY.* Even add a personal message to the recipient that is included in the gift PIN delivery email. Or, have the phone card delivered to yourself so you can deliver it later. You decide:

IMPORTANT - Choose how to deliver your phone card gift

  • I want to receive the phone card myself and deliver it to my recipient later.
                    Place a regular order delivered to yourself. Continue shopping.
                    Use ZapTel's Print-n-Go™ to print an attractive copy of the phone card to give as a gift
  • I want ZapTel to deliver a phone card by email right now, with a gift message, to my recipient.
                    Place a GIFT order. Follow the instructions below 

Step 1: Simply log in to your Account and click the Address Book tab.

Step 2: Add family and friends to your Address Book.

Step 3: Go shopping and select the phone card you want for your gift recipient. Then, at Checkout, select the person you want to receive the phone card from your Address Book pull down menu.

Step 4: Review your order and add a personal message up to 128 characters long.

Step 5: Continue through with checkout. We'll send your email immediately* to the recipient containing the phone card PIN, instructions for use, and with your personal message. You, as the giver, will not be given the PIN number, since you intended it for use by your gift recipient.

If you don't want us to send your gift by email to your gift recipient, but want to deliver your phone card gift PIN yourself, perhaps in a greeting card, then simply order the product for your own account, not as a gift. Then you can either forward the email you receive with a personal note, or print out the card image and instructions to give at a later time.

* If you are a new customer to ZapTel, a ZapTel representative must verify your Account information prior to the delivery of your first purchase. ZapTel will deliver all subsequent purchases instantly.

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