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User's Guide
How to use your new ZapTel account

Welcome to ZapTel and your private ZapTel account on the Internet, open 24 hours a day.

Log in to your account to:

  • Turn your electronic phone card into an attractive, compact physical card with ZapTel's Print-n-Go™
  • Get your card's PIN code, access phone numbers, or technical support numbers.
  • Check the dollar amount left on your cards.
  • Recharge your rechargable up to $100 (takes only 5 mouse clicks).
  • Buy a new card quickly, using your existing account information.
  • Set up PINzap™ pinless dialing so you do not have to enter the PIN number for each call, for example from your mobile phone.

What you cannot do:

  • Log in and buy a High Definition TV
  • Log in to check the status of your electric bill
  • Just kidding

How To Log In

1 On the Internet, go to

2 Locate the Member Log In area (see picture below). Type in the username (your email address) and password from your last order. Click login.

Arrow Bullet  Forget your password? Click on "Forget your Password?" and tell us your email and we'll send it to you.


Your account has these features

The ZapTel Dashboard

Your Custom ZapTel Dashboard

How to recharge (refill) your existing PIN number

1 Click on Recharge (see picture above)

2 Choose from $20 up to $100 to add to your pin

3 Click on Buy Button and then Checkout Button

4 Provide a debit or credit card (VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express)
(If your address does not match the credit card, click the Change Address button)

5 Click Place your order Button to place your order.

ZapTel Payment Options Arrow Bullet Usually your minutes are added instantly. Sometimes we
may call you first if some information is missing.

How to see if a different ZapTel card is better for your country

Sample of the Get Rates Search Box 1 Click on Rate Search (see picture)

2 Find the box where it says 3 Easy Steps like the example

3 Select the From and To countries. For example, the From country is USA-48 States and the To country is Germany.

4 Click on the Get Rates Button button

The result is a list of all the ZapTel recommended phone cards, sorted by lowest cost per 30 minute call to your country

Click on the picture of the card to see more details about the card so you are aware of all the cards' terms and fees

5 To purchase a phone card, click on Buy Button then Checkout Button.

Using call detail reports

If your ZapTel phone card has the Call Details link on your Account History page, click on that link to generate a list of your most recent calls, like the example below. You may also specify a date range, and the report will calculate the total per-minute charges for the period (not including service fees).

Sample of the call details screen

Using PINzap for pinless dialing

If your ZapTel phone card has the PINzap link on your Account History page, then you may set up one or more phones to work with your phone card without having to dial a PIN number.

Just click on the PINzap link in your account, and follow the instructions. Click here for the main PINzap instruction page

Using Speed Dial for one button calling

If your ZapTel phone card has the SpeedDial link on your Account History page, then you may create up to 99 speed dial shortcuts for your pin.

Just click on the SpeedDial link in your account, and follow the instructions. Click here for the main Speed Dial instruction page.

Using Print-n-Go™ to print out your phone card plan details

Sample of the Print-N-Go Card If your ZapTel phone card has the Print-n-Go™ link on your Account History page (next to your PIN number), click on the link for a nicely formatted page containing all your phone card plan information for that PIN.

This helpful one page print out includes a wallet sized version of your phone card, plus a summary of your card's specifications. Even your Speed Dial shortcuts and PINzap registered numbers show up on Print-n-Go. Give it a try!

How to fix technical problems with your phone card

If you have a problem with call quality, connecting, or billing, here is how to get it solved most quickly.

Please remember that an international phone card account is relying on millions of miles of wire and switches, terminating in hundreds of countries, some that are actively at war, have subpar infrastructure, and politically minded telecom organizations that change the rules from time to time. Our carriers do their best to provide great connections 100% of the time, but occasionally a circuit is going to fail.

If you experience a call problem, do this:

  • If you can, wait an hour and try again. Many issues are short term and clear up.
  • Double check your dialing sequence. Many technical support calls are actually dialing mistakes.
  • Call the Technical Support number provided with your ZapTel phone card. This is different than the ZapTel customer service number for many cards. The Technical support number gets you to staff that has direct access to your PIN account so they have the best chance to diagnose the problem and get it fixed.

You can find the technical support number for your PIN in several places:

  • The email that included your PIN number
  • Your card's detail page on
  • The Technical Support link on the very top of the home page
  • Your Print-n-Go™ print out

>> Did you know, ZapTel refers you to the carrier technical support teams for most cards. The carriers control these support departments, not ZapTel. If you are not satisfied with the results from our carrier technical support teams, please let us at ZapTel know. We'll ask the carrier to correct the situation, and if they don't, we may look for a new carrier!

Why ZapTel is a popular place to buy your phone cards

  • Many very low rates to choose from for all countries and ALL our cards include free 800 number access for your calls.
  • Independent. We pick the best phone cards from several different carriers
  • Great features: online accounts, recharge, online call detail reports, pin balances, pinless and speed dial features
  • Friendly customer service from people who care.

Next Step

Click Here to go to the ZapTel home page. Log in to see these features in your account now. You'll be ready when your current PIN runs low. Or recharge or buy a new PIN to get more minutes now. Thank you for being a ZapTel customer.

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