ZapTel - Questions & Answers about your ZapTel Phone Card Order
Order Information Questions & Answers about your ZapTel phone card order

Thank you for ordering from ZapTel. We know most people wish to receive their phone card minutes right away. Here are the most common questions we receive about new orders:

Where is my PIN?

If we acknowledged your order by email and on the "thank you" page in our store, you can be certain we received your order. In some cases, especially with a new account, we may need to manually review your order for security reasons.

When your order is released, your pin is displayed in your online account and emailed to the address your provided.

To see the status of your order, log into your account with the email address and password you used. If your order displays 'awaiting confirmation' then your order has been selected for manual review, and will be released within 30 minutes during business hours.

Note: If your order status is 'awaiting confirmation,' your credit card will not be charged until the item is verbally confirmed and shipped.

How do I contact ZapTel about my order?

Send an email to with your user name and your question.

To talk with a customer service representative, call ZapTel at 877-532-2737 or 847-342-2000 during business hours:

Business Hours for Live Customer Service
Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm US Central Time

IMPORTANT: Do not call the Technical Support phone number for order-related questions; they have no access to your order information. Call or email ZapTel as instructed above.

How do I recharge or buy another pin using my existing account?

Visit your account page, and enter the email address and password you created for your first order. This signs you into your online account management page called the ZapTel Dashboard.

The online account management is a very useful part of your service - check it out if you haven't already. Here you will find links to recharge, buy another pin, or to add available features to your account.

Tips for best service

  • If we need to contact you by telephone, did you provide us with the correct phone number on your account? If not, please reply to the pending order email you received with an updated telephone number.
  • Remember your card's technical support number is typically different than the ZapTel customer service number - call tech support for service issues, call ZapTel for order, recharge or product-related questions.
  • Add to your approved email list so you are sure to receive your ZapTel email.

Quick start for using your new phone card service

Your PIN is activated and ready for use as soon as you receive it.

We send you an email with your pin, and detailed dialing instructions. Be sure to check your spam, junk or bulk mail folder when looking for your email from a completed order.

The complete details for your card are always available at ZapTel on the information page for your card. Tip: Use the Quick Pick feature in the middle of the home page to go directly to your card's information page.

Visit the ZapTel Owner's Manual for further information on your account.

Thanks again for choosing ZapTel.

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