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Type in your calling destination "Google" style and get your rate search results. This feature is available from any page at the top under the ZapTel logo. If you are looking for phone card rates from the USA to a destination, just enter the name of the country into the box. You will even get help with spelling! If you are looking for rates for calling back to the USA or between two other countries, describe your call in the search box: i.e. "calling from France to USA" or "italy to uk". Click on the magnifying glass to perform your search.

It's so easy. Just follow the steps!

1. Search for the phone card or long distance service that is best for you. Our search engine will help you compare rates for the countries you call most. Enter the countries you want to call from and to, (e.g. United States to Germany, or United States to United States, etc.) and we'll do the rest!

Tip: If you want to see all the rates to all countries for a particular card:
— Click on the card image on the rate search results page
— From the card detail page, click on the Rates link

2. Select your phone card, and then buy online with an American Express, MasterCard, Discover or VISA card, use your PayPal account or mail us a check.

3. ZapTel delivers your "virtual" phone card information on the screen and in an email. Print out your card, or write down the information. That's all it takes to start calling!

*New accounts may require telephone confirmation during business hours to complete your first order.

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