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Of course these are all good testimonials; we do occasionally get a complaint (we're human!) but they are resolved promptly and in fact we don't get that many. Our team works hard to earn these sorts of kudos and we're always thrilled when we get another one.

Customer comments display by topic, and you can click to see more on a topic of interest to you.

(These actual customer comments come from the feedback form that you see in your product delivery emails, and from unsolicited emails to customer service).

There was some confusion with my payment from Paypal. Melissa handled the problem with friendliness and professionalism. She is definitely a keeper!
- Diane C., 04/17/2017

I had questions about ordering a phone card for my mother-in-law. When I called your support group Laura was nice enough to go ahead and place the order for me. She explained everything very clearly and in a friendly manner.
- 02/24/2017

I have been with ZAPTEL since 2005. They have an excellent Customer service! Really! Even if I do not use them as often as before due to the expansion of iPhones. Their employees seem to "stick" to the company (at least those in customer service) which is, to me, a good sign! Congratulations to their boss as well.
- Fanny V., 12/15/2014

It was so easy and convenient. I called and the person who helped me was very helpful. Thanks.
- Robert H., 4/15/2014

I spoke to Laura at your Customer Service phone#. She was very pleasant and helpful. It was such a pleasure getting good old fashioned customer service from your company without being tortured with self serving questions and sales pitches and/or incompetent reps. I was reluctant to order a phone card through an online company but your product seemed unbeatable and the phone call to your Customer Service convinced me that I wouldn't regret doing business with your company.
- Kathy D., 08/08/2013

I have two children in Israel for the semester. I had plans with another company, but your prices were better and the other company has very bad customer service. I really like the speed dial options, and thank you for the good rates to Israel. I will spread the word!
- Lisa B., 04/12/2012

Thank you for your outstanding customer service! This was my first experience with ZapTel, and you exceeded all expectations. Nice to know that good old-fashioned service still exists. Your attention and your friendly demeanor made all the difference on our evening before my daughter headed out on her trip. I will be happy to recommend ZapTel to anyone seeking international phone cards.
- Rachel S., June 2009

I have never used an internet phone card for calls before, but I am already thrilled with my ZapTel card. Customer service is speedy and polite, and my first international call went through without a hitch! Awesome!
- Anonymous 4/7/2008

I was having a bit of a problem with the amount paid for phone calls. I submitted a help form and did not expect to hear from anyone. Boy was I wrong! I did not hear by email, I received a phone call from a wonderful advisor who tracked my calls, called me back again after doing so, and even corrected a mistake that I had made. Bravo, ZapTel! You certainly outshone the ISIC plan my son received when he went overseas. Thank you for your excellent service! I tell everyone about you company and will highly recommend you!
- Marie J. 11/7/2007

ZapTel customer service is excellent, the people are the friendliest and most competent that I have come across from any company, well done.
- Carl W. 4/14/2006

THE REP I SPOKE WITH WAS WONDERFUL! Very helpful and pleasant! Thanks, love you guys!
- Marie S. 3/11/2006

Excellent customer service and excellent online service. I am seriously impressed.
- Fatima H. 9/10/2006

I am amazed how easy it was to get a new card. I was also impressed that your company informed me about an upcoming rate change. That's customer service "par excellence". I love doing business with ZapTel.
- Peter S. 1/26/2006

Zaptel is prompt courteous and very professional. Your rates are competitive, all of which makes it a pleasure doing business with you.
- Bart A., 03/23/2005

I had problems with activating my phone card and I decided to email support services. The response was instantaneous. Thumbs up for the ZapTel support team! I just love the ZapTel experience. Thanks and keep it up!
- Evans M. 8/19/2005

Whenever I phone to top up my pin, your staff are the most pleasant people I have ever had to deal with. Thank you all and keep up the great work you are all doing.
- Ralph B. 7/28/2005

When I discovered that one of your competitors was no longer around, I signed up with you folks because I liked what I saw. I had an issue with the minutes I received on my phone card. I was amazed to get such a quick response from Customer Service (was contacted 10-15 minutes after I reported the issue) when 24 hours is often good with some companies (not industry specific). I was astounded to get a phone call in response to an email. The Customer Service Rep who helped me sent me a follow-up email saying I can check my own call history, which I obviously hadn't thought of. I wanted to let you know that I won't even consider any other company for my future calling needs.
- Charles H. 4/1/2005

ZapTel is fantastic! I have had nothing but competent, professional and friendly people help me out since I've been using ZapTel. And you are all so quick with your replies! It's refreshing.
- Kelly F. 3/20/2005

Thank you for your "hassle-free" customer service experience! You've certainly taken care of this customer!
- Dave M. 2/6/2005

I had a problem with my PIN and the customer service response was personal, prompt and correct. I will certainly be refilling this card.
- Michael S. 10/31/2004

The card is simply great and the rates are really low. I love this card! Your customer service is also very great because the representatives really helped me in recharging my card and the attitude was positive. Two thumbs up.
- Mahwish K. 10/3/2004

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