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Of course these are all good testimonials; we do occasionally get a complaint (we're human!) but they are resolved promptly and in fact we don't get that many. Our team works hard to earn these sorts of kudos and we're always thrilled when we get another one.

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(These actual customer comments come from the feedback form that you see in your product delivery emails, and from unsolicited emails to customer service).

Seemed like the best deal and straightforward to use. I would highly recommend Zaptel for its ease of use.
- Gypsy H., 04/08/2016

My phone card purchased from your company is gladly used frequently for personal calls to Europe, particularly, Poland, where I have my dear Mama of 95 yrs. "young". Definitely, when it would be to add more calling time, I would purchase it from your company, providing that your courtesy allows me to have some gratis time. I wished I were sooner your customer.
- Heidi C., 08/28/2015

Previous (an excellent) experience with Zaptel. You are my go-to place for calling cards to Germany
- Michael L., 08/08/2015

One of the best calling cards I've used in years! Great customer service over the phone.
- Susannah B., 06/26/2015

I just want to take a moment to thank you for the INCREDIBLE service and OUTSTANDING value you provide. I am your happy customer for a few good years now, and have no interest or motivation to leave. It's so easy to get used to good stuff. However, this morning, after I realized that I drained my calling card down to $0.60, somehow I had a hard time accessing your website (later discovered that problem was on my side). In need of making an international call, I tried to shop for a temporary substitute and hit the 'wild' internet. Oh Boy. To current Zaptel customers on the fence: check around and come back happy. What a wild world there is (among the competition): 'weekly maintenance fee', 'connection fee', 'per-call fee'. Wow, really? Thank you, ZapTel, for honest, affordable and up-front pricing, and SUPERIOR service.
- Paul R., 3/8/2014

Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the Precision World card I purchased from ZapTel to use while my girlfriend is in Austria. I had never used an international phone card before and was skeptical that it would work as represented. I'm happy to report that every single feature worked as promised, including PINless dialing and the Speed Dial feature. PINless dialing and Speed Dial are particularly important to us in that my girlfriend's mother (who can also use the card - it allows up to 10 users with PINless dialing) here in the States only has to call one 800 number then enter "01" to speak to her daughter. She's not the most technologically adept person; having to call an 800 number, then enter a PIN, then enter the US international access code, then enter the Austria phone number would have been daunting to her. The Precision World card made international calling truly simple and inexpensive (6.4 cents per minute with no fees or surcharge - just a straight rate). I guess I've written a lot of words to tell you we're more than satisfied and will be using ZapTel again. And we will. Thanks for offering a product that actually does what you said it will do.
- Michael W. 5/26/2013

Your website is the easiest one I've ever used to order something. Your system is straightforward and radically affordable for a senior here on a tiny income. Thank you for offering this service!!!
- Patricia F. 3/3/2013

Your service is working as designed. You met all my needs, where a number of others did not. I intend to keep using it and have recommended it to others.
- Anonymous 01/09/2013

I've been a customer of Zaptel for almost 7 years and I just wanted to say how excellent I think your service is! I recommend your calling cards to all my friends and they are joining up as well. I've always had a great experience with Zaptel, the connections and calls are incredibly reliable, and your rates are so incredibly cheap. Just wanted to let you know that I think your service is wonderful and I look forward to being a customer for the long-term.
- Natalie W. 12/13/2012

Wonderful first experience with ZapTel and Flying Color.
- Adelce F., 10/09/2012

Researched numerous shady companies selling phone cards with no indication of location, hours, customer service or true costs of using their cards. You have a good reputation, good testimonials, long-term presence on the web and great products.Thank you and please keep up the great and friendly customer service, right here in the U.S.
- John H. 11/10/2010

My husband was transferred to the U.K. for 6 months. We needed a way for me to get in touch with him at a reasonable price. I didn't find any negative feedback on your company and the price was right. I have recommended you to all our friends and family who travel worldwide. We have many friends who are missionaries in various parts of the world. Your cards are super! Even my 12 yr.old can easily phone her dad whenever she needs to hear his voice.
- Pamela N. 9/9/2010

My son is getting ready to head to Navy Officer Candidate School and I've been shopping for phone cards for him. I came across your website (via Google search for "best phone cards") and was impressed from the first read. Not only do you have great prices, but I love your sense of humor and your willingness to hear the problems/complaints (if there ever are any). There's not enough of that lightness in the world. You made me smile and I'm sure a lot of other people too. Thanks for your GREAT service.
- Leanne B. 10/5/2009

Thank you very much for being a reputable company and I will use your company again as well as refer you to friends and family.
- Matthew H. 7/6/2009

I'M GRINNING FROM EAR TO EAR because of my experience with Zaptel! I've been overwhelmed by my current life circumstances and to top it all off, I misplaced my Zaptel cards. I forgot your brand name "Zaptel", so could not reorder. Then..VOILA! I got an e-mail from Zaptel. Best of all, it included a record of my past purchases--with the access number & PIN numbers! This is the beginning of my turn-around! Thanx for pointing me in the right direction--up...upward bound out of my rut!
- Patricia L. 6/15/2009

I appreciate the continued excellent service and value for money and ease of use - thank you so very very much. It means so much to be able to stay in touch with overseas relatives and friends. Please keep up the good work.
- Cherry A. 6/11/2009

I appreciate the continued excellent service and value for money and ease of use - thank you so very very much. It means so much to be able to stay in touch with overseas relatives and friends. Please keep up the good work.
- Cherry M., June 2009

I have been using ZapTel for quite sometime as I place calls to Russia 12 times per month. I really enjoy the quick recharge time and no hassles. Thank You ZapTel for your easy service.
- Leo B., April 2009

I've recommended the Flying Colors card from ZapTel to a number of friends. Among us, we've used it to call from the US to Italy, the Dominican Republic, Australia, Uganda, Brazil, and other countries. Every time someone's kid goes overseas, just add money and call to your heart's content. Fabulous card and the website is great. Just added to my card tonight!!
- Davia L., 1/24/2009

I like this telephone card because it has no hidden fees. Just pay for the card and use it. Very good deal. It is hard to believe that there still are some good onest companies. Thank you ZAPTEL.
- Alfredo R., 11/14/2008

Thank you so much for your continued excellent service. It enables me to keep in touch with family and friends in England, and we all sure appreciate it. Thanks again and keep up the good work!
- Cherry, 11/3/2008

I do like your phone cards. I have had good service from tech support when the card won't work. I call Senegal and their phone service is a little shaky. I also like the convenience in ordering and how quickly the money is applied to my account. Thank you for the good service.
- Donna G. 5/23/2008

Fast and Simple. Definitely will come here again.
- Barb K. 1/29/2008

I was very impressed with how quickly you called to confirm my information. It made me feel good that you made sure that my information given was safe. The person who called me was very courteous. Thank you.
– Lois S. 12/17/2007

Great website made choosing a prepaid card a painless experience. Thanks.
- Stanhope A. 11/23/2007

I like the ZapTel service a lot, especially because it makes calling outside America (I am an immigrant) very easy, at a very good rate.
- Maarten D. 11/26/2007

I appreciate being one of your customers. The cards work very well inside or outside the United States. Cards specifically for other countries have good rates and work well too. Customer service has been responsive on the limited occasions that I have had to contact them.
- Paul B. 10/3/2006

I was very pleasantly surprised at the ease of using the card. I was able to keep in touch with my family back home while I traveled overseas. Thank you for such reasonable prices.
- Unknown 9/6/2006

First by website . . . second by phone with questions . . .your staff is GREAT. We use your Extreme Talk for our home and away-from-home long distance and have had it for several years. Yesterday, I purchased Absolute World for use on vacation in the UK. Thanks for everything.
- Barbara & Richard L. 5/12/2006

What a great thing this is! My husband was on a business trip out of the country and we could talk to him everyday without watching the clock. My 3 kids always had plenty to tell their Daddy, so this was important to us. Thank you! We found out about ZapTel from a friend and we have been passing the news about you to any one we think can use it.
- Unknown 4/9/2006

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