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Of course these are all good testimonials; we do occasionally get a complaint (we're human!) but they are resolved promptly and in fact we don't get that many. Our team works hard to earn these sorts of kudos and we're always thrilled when we get another one.

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(These actual customer comments come from the feedback form that you see in your product delivery emails, and from unsolicited emails to customer service).

Great calling card, works just like you said.
- Tom B., 12/18/2017

Traveling to another state. Some of the very best options available, easy to use, speedy delivery system, great service, worked every time!
- Christine C., 04/21/2016

I have been using Zap Tel for a number of years. I call my daughter in England several times a week because of the international rates charged by your company. I love the ease of recharging and the ability to use the pin from different phones. My daughter's sister is able to use the same card to talk from her home. I have never had an issue with the company. I really appreciate what you do for me because it keeps me connected to family members. Thank you.
- WJ W., 07/12/2015

Numerous options, appeared to be longer term business, better deal on per minute charge compared to local in store cards. My first try on the card went well and reception was good. no complaints - prompts were fast and short which is good with no advertising thanks
- Dwaine S., 06/06/2015

You have an excellent service, so far never have had any problems. Calls are always clear. I would recommend to all my associates.
- Lou H., 07/31/2013

I bought the Study Abroad Student's Choice to call from Pennsylvania to a friend in Mexico. I am very pleased with the call clarity, pinless dialing, overall ease of use of the card, and with the precise information in the Zaptel email order confirmation. Thank for making my first experience with a virtual calling card so pleasant. I will buy from Zaptel again.
- Scott D., 06/16/2013

I purchased this phone card to call overseas. I chose ZapTel after my experience with some alternative brands. The ZapTel phone card I purchased has turned out to be one of the best choices I have made.
- Oksana C., 04/13/2012

I have been using Zaptel for quite sometime as I place calls to Russia 12 times per month. I really enjoy the quick recharge time and no hassles. Thank You Zaptel for your easy service.
- Leo B. 4/2/2009

My daughter recently returned from a trip to Italy. While she was there, she visited several cities. I sent her overseas with your Study Abroad Student’s Choice phone card and it never failed her once. As a matter of fact, her card worked better than several of the other students’ cards, so she let them use hers. I loved being able to track her minutes, and add minutes as I saw fit. Each time I spoke with a representative from ZapTel, they were very kind and very helpful. The card was easy to use, very affordable, and worked great! Thank you so much for this product. It was a great comfort to be able to speak with my daughter while she was overseas.
- Tammy L. 3/18/2008

You have helped make communicating with our daughter in Africa for the past 5 months very easy. I was happy to have the initial phone call to make sure I indeed ordered the card. Adding extra minutes was very simple and I never had a problem with any call made. She will be home next week and we won't need the card anymore but I would not hesitate to recommend your service to others.
- Kimberly R. 11/18/2007

Your service is better than excellent, it's outstanding! I've used my Flying Colors card when my son was out of the country in the Dominican Republic for 4 months, and now he's again out of the country, this time for a year in Uganda. It has never failed to work properly, no matter what phone we're calling from/to, and customer service has been very helpful. We recommended the card to a colleague whose daughter has been out of the country more than once in the last couple of years, and they are equally pleased. Kudos!
- Davia L. 9/3/2007

I want to say Thank You to a company that appears to deliver what they advertise. In a world of advertising - much of it misleading or downright deceptive - it is pleasant to find a straightforward, fair-priced, dependable company that sells International Long Distance cards. At this point, I have only used your True North product twice, and I had a respectably clear connection. Most importantly, both the dollar balance and the number of available minutes were clearly stated before each call. I appreciate the flat rate with no hidden or extra fees. Again - Thanks!
- Andy H. 4/17/2007

ZapTel is a very good service for international calls. I am an international student and i have been using zaptel for over a year. I am well satisfied with this service.
- Ekene O. 4/15/2006

I have been using ZapTel since 2004 when my daughter was in the Peace Corps, and found it to be a wonderful way to save on telephone calls to her. I have, so far, not had any problems with your service. That is the reason I always order from ZapTel when we have relatives or friends traveling abroad.
- Delta M. 6/5/2006

Great way to make International calls cheaply. Well done. Good service, good after sales service, easy to understand. Keep up the good work.
- David O. 9/7/2006

Regarding ZapTel and Flying Colors, I give them both 5 stars in all respects - cost, ease of use, connection, quality, information available on the "my account" portion of the website, etc. All in all, a treat to use (especially after the last card I purchased at a convenience store used up all $5 worth telling me the call would not connect!!).
- David L. 9/28/2005

Your company provides the best customer service and connectivity quality of most of your other competitors. Keep up the good work.
- Gennet R. 1/11/2005

The call I made with the card was clear and nice. Please keep the good work.
- Oluwamayowa E. 1/20/2005

We were looking for a replacement for our previous phone card and tried several others before we found ZapTel. Everything works just as it should. The connections are clear which is more than I can say for some competitors. Set up and recharge work like a dream. Nice going!
- Ruth F. 5/24/2005

Thank you so much for following up on my card. I appreciate your timely help. This has increased my confidence in purchasing ZapTel products.
- Vaishali R. 11/6/2005

I was impressed with the level of service you supplied me. Working offshore and in a foreign count made things no so much easier for me to call home. This is only my second trip abroad and I know now I have the assurance to be able to contact my family at home using ZapTel. Thanks ZapTel once again for your support, especially the representative that called me with my PIN, which allowed me to call home the same day.
- Michael J. 7/30/2005

Very nice service and great sound quality. Much better than what I had before. Love the recharge option.
- Sean A. 10/22/2004

It's a breeze. I m talking to my daughter in Luxembourg like she's across the street. Thank you!!
- Unknown 9/30/2004

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