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Of course these are all good testimonials; we do occasionally get a complaint (we're human!) but they are resolved promptly and in fact we don't get that many. Our team works hard to earn these sorts of kudos and we're always thrilled when we get another one.

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The Senior Card Offered Good Rates And The Service We Needed To Make Out Of Zone And Out OF State Calls.....The Senior Card Offered Good Rates And The Service We Needed.
- Ronald D., 06/02/2016

Our home phone has only local service as it is too expensive for their long distance considering our limited calling.The service is great. The price is right. Zaptel has made it easy to place a call with limited dialing and instructions are easy to understand.
- Bonnie E., 9/4/2014

Keep cost down without sacrificing service quality.
- Sankar R., 7/15/2014

Traveling to the US. Low rates and easy to use website.
- Sarah J., 6/28/2014

Recharging card was easy, fast, accurate! Love this company's service and love the price! Thank you!!!
- Debra H., 02/17/2014

I am 89,and want to tell you that you save me a lot of money which I do not have enough to live on as it is. Also, I can talk a lot longer to the sparse family I have left in Europe. Thank you Zaptel and thank you and thank you.
- Daniel D., 09/14/2013

I love, Love, LOVE ZapTel and wish I hadn't paid 'another phone company'...rhymes with much, for long distance calls, over the years. Thank you, ZapTel!
- Patricia T. 3/11/2013

The service is good and the prices are great. I expect to buy from ZapTel indefinitely.
- Clara R. 4/13/2010

Thank you phone cards are easy to use and fair on prices. Keep Up the honest product. I'll be sure and tell everyone I know were to get their cards.
- Rikki G. 7/13/2009

I am very impressed with your service. International rates blow away anybody away and refilling the card takes place in seconds (which has saved me when I needed to make important calls). Great job!!!
- Steven L., October 2008

ZAPTEL is the greatest! I tried other services, like other online phone card stores and various calling cards from local convenience stores, and none of them came close to your service. I spent more money for less minutes with those companies. ZAPTEL has the best rates for international calls and the clarity is amazing! The mobile rates are truly incredible!
- Teresa C., 12/18/2008

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the fantastic product and service that you provide. I run a virtual assistant business and have clients all over the world. I appreciate that you have made it simple and extremely affordable to contact my clients by telephone no matter where they are. I couldn’t be happier with ZapTel!
- Rosanna T. 3/12/2008

I presently work in the Middle East on an Off-shore oil rig; Luckily the ZapTel card enables me to make affordable phone calls (The charge for 1 minute in Qatar for an international call can be as high as 0.75 cents per minute). I had a problem using the internet to re-charge my card - however - the ZapTel support group sent me a phone number and the representative I spoke with was very helpful (and quick) to help me add $150.00 to my card.
- William S. 5/15/2008

Thanks for providing a cost effective alternative to the high cost of long distance service.
- Arthur V. 1/25/2008

I found you provided me with unbelievable value - in a week's use, I still hadn't used half the time available; thank you so much: will definitely use you again, and will strongly recomend you whenever I get the chance.
- Bri R. 11/27/2007

I have been with you guys for some time now and enjoyed getting your service. ZapTel has been fast, easy to use. I couldn’t have called anyone in New Zealand, including my family, without the services that you provide. You provide an awesome, cost effective service that will be of benefit to everyone. I have definitely recommended you to my friends. Well done!! Pleasure doing business with you.
- Owen G. 11/29/2007

Y'all are a heaven sent! I have been referring your calling cards to all my military wife friends whose husbands are deployed. With your rates I can afford to talk to my husband a LOT longer. Your rates are awesome and I have yet to have any purchase or usage problems. Keep up the excellent work!!
- Tasha W. 8/28/2007

My husband was recently deployed overseas in Kuwait, and the phone cards you offer provided us with the opportunity to be able to hear each others voices even though we could not be together. Over the year my husband was deployed, I spent about $900 in phone cards from ZapTel. That may seem like a lot of money to spend in 12 months for phone cards, but when you figure that we were able to talk to each other at least 325 of 365 days for a half hour each time, $900 is an exceptional deal. I just want to sincerely thank you for your service. It meant and still does mean the world to me and my husband.
- Emily H. 5/23/2007

It has been the most student freindly phone card to use in terms of value for money and would definitely recommend it to anyone else i knew who was travelling or studying abroad!
- Amanda B. 3/31/2007

WOW!! this website is GREAT!! My sister told me about ZapTel. She is in Africa for foreign exchange, and this site was recommended by her teachers for the lowest international rates. What a great value, and thanks for making it cheap for me to call my sister!!
- Anonymous 2/20/2007

We have been using ZapTel for just over a year now and are really pleased with the service and the products. We do extensive travels to Canada, as well as call there regularly so you have saved us a fortune.
- Ian P. 6/24/2006

I got frustrated with having to pay for long distance service separately. Monthly service fees and higher rates per minute was frustrating. I tried Skype, but connections were inconsistant. I found ZapTel by searching the Web. You offered what I was looking for and you looked very legitimate. Being trustworthy and having the broadest reach was just as important as price. I very much like the service!
- Unknown 9/8/2006

I'd like to thank you for this amazing service that you provide. I wish that I knew about ZapTel years ago. I can't even imagine how much money I could have save. This really secure and fast service helps me to keep my phone conversation long with my husband while I'm over seas. Great customer service and many cards to choose from. Speed dial is my favorite. Thanks again and again.
- Suheda S. 1/31/2006

Best card for the value and your customer service is excellent. I spoke with a representative while making my purchase and was given excellent service - a real credit to your organization. I am recommending your website to all my friends.
- Carl S. 7/18/2005

We make a lot of phone calls overseas and could not be happier because we save a lot of money because of you. Therefore we are grateful to you and your staff for making this possible with ZapTel. We hope you guys are profitable and can stay around.
- Peter S. 8/23/2005

Thank you ZapTel! I'm really glad that I have the opportunity to use the International Student's Choice card. A month ago, I received a large phone bill for calling to Kazakhstan. I was going to have a nervous collapse. But now although I have to pay my host family the money back, I feel happy because with the ZapTel card I can talk to my Mom and Aunt back in Kazakhstan and save the money from my earnings. Thank you so much ZapTel!
- Asel A. 10/23/2004

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