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Of course these are all good testimonials; we do occasionally get a complaint (we're human!) but they are resolved promptly and in fact we don't get that many. Our team works hard to earn these sorts of kudos and we're always thrilled when we get another one.

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(These actual customer comments come from the feedback form that you see in your product delivery emails, and from unsolicited emails to customer service).

Your website is very customer focused and comprehensive. You seem to go out of your way to cover every possible pertinent detail about a specific phone card. A customer would be hard pressed to claim they weren't informed.
- Kathy D.,6/27/2017

Website is clear, easy to navigate, logically arranged, easy to understand, intuitive. I got almost all the details I needed online right off the bat. Other websites I've checked into were vague, and missing critical info, making me feel there was an attempt at hiding/deception involved. Not so with Zaptel's website. I did call a customer service rep just for a point of clarity on an oddball question not answered online, service rep was very positive,easy to understand, thorough, polite, friendly. I would recommend Zaptel highly due to their customer service and website detail.
- Barbara W.,03/02/2017

It was so clear and easy to re-order! Thanks! Everything is good!
- Yumiko S., 12/03/2015

Personal use in America. We live in a cell phone dead spot so all our land line phone calls are costly.You have made this purchase and usage SUPER easy! I appreciate your product!
- Elisabeth R., 08/28/2015

For teenage son to use at boarding school. Easier website and better explanation of services; ability to see a record of calls made.
- Lynn T., 9/8/2014

I really like how easy it was to shop & compare phone cards. I have recommended your site to my friend in Denmark so that her family in the U.S. can get calling cards as easily as I did.
- Karyn K., 9/4/2014

Did lots of internet searching for the best intrastate phone card rates. ZapTel's website answered all my questions and met my needs the best.
- Vickie 9/23/2014

My card is only a day old, but already this looks great. Thanks for being there, I had despaired of finding a quality card once my good old MCI one was discontinued. Thanks for having a good, straight, easy-to-use website! It's all good.
- Kathleen B., 02/16/2014

So far, so good. I just got my first ZapTel card and am pleased with the results. Thank you for charging a decent rate for in-state long distance calls which I make often. The PINzap is an excellent feature that saves me time and trouble when calling from my office phone. Looking forward to recharging the card online.
- Chuck M., 07/03/2012

Your website was the most helpful of any I've used for phone cards. Your card works just fine for me. I really appreciate online recharge. Thanks!
- Anonymous 4/25/08

I bought this card for a good friend of mine so he can keep contact with his Mom in Gibraltar. The website is VERY easy to negotiate, easy to place order, pay etc. I hit "Send", started making dinner and the phone rang within 5 minutes to confirm my order. So far, very impressed with ease of ordering and customer service.
- John W. 4/19/2007

I am very impressed by not only the quality of information on your website but the quality of the writing. Also, the light touch with some humor. You show insight into user's questions and provide useful and complete answers. I decided to call your customer service department for one-on-one assistance in finding the right international cards. The representative I spoke with was very helpful and completed my order while we spoke. Thank you for your professional service and (from an English major's point of view) well written text on your website.
- Marica E. 8/23/2005

Internet Service is excellent. Very handy because I work in West Africa and all our calls go direct to use then we are transferred to the UK to call home. Your service beats the other phone card suppliers by miles . Keep up the good work.
- Jason C. 1/21/2005

We have had GREAT luck with Zap Tel! Thanks for the great service! Easy to recharge the card, can be used from any phone, very rarely busy with excellent price and no hidden fees or stipulations! Thanks so much!
- Tara O. 8/20/2005

Hi! I m a 50 year old mom who is scared of the internet, has a 5 year old computer and is slow to new technology. I prefer doing business with people face to face. My future daughter-in-law turned me on to your website so I could get a relatively inexpensive way to talk to my son by phone who is overseas in China for a year. I am beyond amazed with ZapTel - you gave a personal phone call to check the validity of my information, you have a sense of humor and very good "how to" information, and that's just my first impression. Thank you! I look forward to continuing business with you.
- Diana D. 10/31/2005

Service was fast - website easy to use - dialing experience excellent. Thank you!
- Gail R. 8/15/2005

Dear ZapTel - This is my 4th purchase and I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your service. I have had no problems at all. Reordering is so very simple, quick and reliable. Thanks for providing such a great service.
- Jean T. 8/29/2004

:-) Satisfied customer…see the smile on MY face? Absolutely love your services. Accessibility to my account via your awesome website is icing on the cake. I'm recently relocated to Perth in Western Australia from Philadelphia, PA, and established an account with ZapTel for my children to use from their homes and mobile phones in the USA to call me here in Australia. Now there is no excuse for them not to call their Mom, right? THANKS ZapTel for helping keep us in touch.
- Debra E. 5/4/2005

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