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October, 2007

  Thanks to our customers, employees and carriers, we continue to be one of the favorite and most trusted online stores for phone cards.
New! ZapTel gets a fresh face! In response to customer feedback, and our own wish list, we've rolled out what our friends and families call the "best phone card store on the Internet." We hope you agree. A few highlights:
  • Free text rate search - you saw it here first. Type in your calling destination "Google" style and get your rate search results. This feature is available from any page at the top under the ZapTel logo
  • Visual phone card shuffler - you saw it here first (again!). Shuffle through the ZapTel phone cards visually right in the middle of the home page. Click on a card of interest to learn more. Card game anyone?
  • Snazzy new phone card detail pages - saves you time finding whatever you want to know about any of our products
  • ZapTel company weblog - doesn't every progressive company need one of these? We promise to write interesting stuff there if you do.
  • Mini-basket status - check the upper right corner of the store, and you'll always know what is going on with your current visit to ZapTel.

Let us know what we did right, and what we screwed up? Send suggestions to us.

New! Internet Dialing You already can use your ZapTel phone card from any phone. Now, you can use some ZapTel phone cards from any computer! Dial calls using your existing ZapTel pin from your Internet-connected computer no matter where you are in the world. For example, you could be at an Internet cafe in Zurich, Switzerland and use your Flying Colors pin to call the Philippines at the low USA to Philippines rate.

Instructions for setting up this new, free feature show up in your account once you purchase one of these Internet dialing enabled products:

  • Flying Colors
  • International Student's Choice
  • Call the World
  • Destination Cell
  • Precision World
  • Extreme Talk Time USA
New! Oceans Rechargeable

The Oceans Rechargeable card rates were recently updated (August 2007) and reflect some of the best rates we've ever had to many destinations.


Customizable Dashboard in your account Now you can hide cards you no longer want to see, label cards with a meaningful name, and change the order of cards in your account. Using add-on features in your online account also is easier now.

New! 3

Free Pass "unlimited calling" product for "all you can dial" service to a specific set of land and mobile destinations. Seven days for seven dollars. Our first plan where it doesn't matter how long you talk.

New! 3

Extreme Talk Time International Our lowest rates per minute we've ever offered, for long talkers.


Minute by Minute This card joins Flying Colors and True North as one of our three best all around "no fee" phone card plans. No extra fees to figure, just a simple rate per minute for your calls. One of these three cards will be right for you if you prefer this type of plan.


Inc 500 company - ZapTel, your phone card store, was just named to a popular USA magazine's list of the 500 fastest growing private companies in the United States.

This means we must be doing something right. It also means you have chosen to do business with a company that is growing, and the increased volume allows us to get lower rates for you. (September 2006 issue of Inc. Magazine)

New! ZapTel accepts PayPal®
Acceptance Mark Check out with PayPal at ZapTel. If you're a PayPal fan then you know the advantages - no credit card number to submit, and you can draw funds from your checking account. Our programmers did a nice job - it works great for both PayPal and eCheck transactions.

Is India your calling destination? We found a 6.25 cent rate for you. Check out TalkHome India.


Upgraded Account management pages for all customers. Now find the new Dashboard page with all your phone card pins, and the Order History page with a history of receipts for all your past orders. We made it simpler to find everything you need in one place.

New! Exclusive ZapTel True North™ all purpose international phone card. Our first with a full list of 7,000 local access numbers that save you 1 cent per minute over dialing the 800 number to use your card. Also a great travel card, and includes PINzap and is rechargeable, too!

New! Introducing the ZapTel Premier card series-full service prepaid phone card services included with each one:
  • Great domestic and international rates
  • Each card optimized so you can find the one with rates best for you
  • Rechargeable online 24 hours a day, or by telephone during customer service hours
  • See call detail records online including phone numbers, call length and cost
  • New! Pinless dialing; save time and skip the step of entering a PIN when you register your phone number (s) in your account
  • New! ZapTel SpeedDial for one button access to your most often called destination phone numbers Available today for these ZapTel exclusive phone cards:
  • New! Print-n-Go™ to print your ZapTel Phone Card

Available today for these ZapTel exclusive phone cards:

New! 5-click recharge for many more cards! Feeling attached to your PIN? Keep it! Now rechargeable up to $100:

Have you tried it yet? Sign into your ZapTel account, click on your PIN's Recharge link, select how much time to add, and check out!

New! Oceans focus cards with rock bottom rates to each destination. Check out:

Buy from ZapTel with confidence. Thanks to our customers, dedicated employees and quality carriers, we are celebrating our 8th year in business.

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