Local access explained

Local access is an optional, additional way to use your phone card with local access in the USA.

Along with the usual free 800-number access that works from any phone, you have the option to dial any one of the more than 7,000 other local (not free) numbers that are set up to work with this local access phone card.

Why use a local access number? To save money.

It costs us more to connect you to your phone card when you call the free 800 number. So if you call using one of the local access numbers, we pass the savings along to you.

Choose to use one of the local access numbers when:

  1. The local access number list contains a number in your local area so it is a free call to you
  2. You are using a phone with free domestic calls, such as an unlimited calling plan on your mobile or VoIP service

If there is not a local number available near you, then just use this card with the provided toll free number. Just remember there are two sets of rates; using the toll free number costs 1 cent per minute more. The rates are great in either case!