ZapTel PINzap™ (PINless) Dialing Details

Zap the need to enter a PIN with ZapTel's PINzap service.

This optional feature on your account is only enabled when you register one or more phone numbers using the Add button on your Rechargeable Account Management page for your PIN.

This is a self-service feature; you have 24 hour access using your ZapTel account to add or delete your PINzap registered phone numbers.

The sole benefit of PINzap is to simplify placing a call with your ZapTel phone card, and to save time, by enabling you to skip entering your PIN number when calling from a phone number you have registered.

You may register up to 10 different phone numbers with your PIN.

To access PINzap settings for your active ZapTel card with this feature, log into your Dashboard and click on PINzap option for the card you wish to set up.

The phone systems in the United States have some limitations with the PINzap service; they are listed here:

  1. PINzap cannot recognize certain phone numbers, including some but not all a) cell phones, b) offices c) dormitory numbers d) hospitals and e) multi-unit residences (condos, townhouses, apartments.) This may be because the number is directed through a public network that is shared by multiple users and PINzap cannot recognize the originating number.
  2. PINzap cannot recognize phone numbers that have CALLER ID BLOCKED. You may be able to unblock Caller ID on a given phone number by contacting your telephone service provider.
  3. DO NOT enable a number in PINzap if it is not the same number you are calling from. Doing so may allow other ZapTel customers to use your account when they place calls through your same network. For example, if a student enables PINzap using the dormitory number that shows in his ZapTel call detail report, other students that place ZapTel calls from the same dormitory may end up draining the responsible customer's account. ZapTel does not reimburse customers for calls placed on a number enabled in PINzap.
  4. One PIN per phone number. Multiple PINzap lists cannot hold the same phone number. PINzap recognizes the number a customer is calling from but it cannot distinguish accounts. Therefore, PINzap can only authorize one PIN per phone number. If the number you are trying to enter in your current PINzap list is already registered in our database under a different account, you will not be able to activate PINzap in your current account.
  5. You are responsible for the charges on your account. You are responsible for all charges accrued as a result of having PINzap enabled on a particular phone number. If you have guests or family members who are also ZapTel phone card customers placing ZapTel calls from any of your listed PINzap numbers, your account will be charged.


You can check if PINzap recognizes a particular number by viewing your ZapTel online Call Detail Report. If the number in the call "From" field is correct, then ZapTel can recognize the number and PINzap will work.

Cell phone users:
Most mobile phones have a built in caller ID. You can call your cell from the number you would like to list in PINzap. If no numbers display on your phone, or it comes up as a "Private Number," then the number is blocked and PINzap will not work for you.

PINzap is not compatible with phone numbers outside the United States.

If you have PINzap enabled on an expired phone card, you must disable PINzap in that account to use PINzap on numbers from that list. Also, please consult the other members of your household if they are ZapTel phone card users calling from your same number.