ZapTel Rate Search Help

This page displays phone cards that have rates for the From and To locations you selected.

The cards are listed in order from least expensive to most expensive based on the rate per minute.

The search results initially display the 3 or 4 cards with the lowest rate per minute. To see ZapTel's complete selection of cards for your search, click on Show All.

Understanding the Rate Per Minute and Card Fees

The effective rate for some cards may be higher if there are other fees. Cards with one or more other fees display this box:

Fig. 1: Additional Fees Box

For more information on these fees, click on the link or on the card image.

If you see local access under the rate per minute, this means that the lowest rate per minute with this card is using an available local access (toll) call. ZapTel has over 7,000 local access numbers so chances are one of them is in your local calling area. Using the toll free access typically costs a penny more per minute.

Advanced Search Options

Click on Advanced Search Options to sort the list by lowest land or mobile phone rates.

Click on Filter options to see only flat rate (no-fee) cards, or to see only the extra-fee type cards.

Note: When you click on a card image to view the card detail, and then choose to return to your last rate search results, you will have to select your Advanced Search Options again.

To buy a ZapTel phone card

Select the denomination (dollar amount) for your selection, then click the Buy button.

Note: From the rate search page, the Buy button takes you to the detail page for your card. Then press Buy again to place your order in the shopping cart and check out.