ZapTel Speed Dial Details

Dial a single digit to call your international destinations with ZapTel SpeedDial. Create up to 99 speed dials for a single ZapTel PIN number. This self-service feature is available in your online account. The SpeedDial link appears on your Account History page next to the phone card pins that have this feature available.

Click on the link, then pick your shortcuts (from 1 to 99) and enter your destination phone numbers exactly like you would if you were using your card. Then print out the page for a handy reference for your account.

To change a shortcut already on your list, click Add and enter the shortcut number you wish to change and then enter the new (changed) phone number and press Add. To delete a shortcut, simply click the delete button.

To Dial with SpeedDial

Call the normal access number for your PIN, and enter your pin number if prompted.

When prompted to "Enter the number you wish to call", enter one of the SpeedDial shortcuts you previously setup in your online account and then press the "#" key.

For example, if you set up "1" to dial 847-342-2000, then you would enter:


to dial that number.