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Business Phone Card Solutions
Setting up employees with phone cards for business use

Businesses both big and small benefit from the flexibility of ZapTel's phone card products by being able to provide their employees with a cost effective way to place domestic and international phone calls.  Phone cards are a great way for businesses to provide calling time for their employees while staying within a budget.  Card balances can be reviewed from your account dashboard, and recharged as needed where available.

Here is a list of hand picked phone cards for business calling needs.


Call the World

Call the World

  • Popular "no fees" plan for business use and corporate international phone card programs.
  • Great card for calling state to state or from the United States to other countries. 
  • 24/7 access to recharge and call detail --convenient to your schedule.
  • Retrieve call detail -- for your expense report or to check per call costs.
  • Make calls from anywhere in the world with your Internet-connected laptop using a free softphone and your Call the World PIN.
  • Good rates internationally for both land line and cell phone destinations. Works from Canada, Hawaii and Alaska too!


True North Phone Card

True North

  • The true rate per minute is all you see; no need to adjust for extra fees because there are none. Our only straight rate plan with six second billing.
  • Both toll free and local access numbers available.
  • Can be used from the United States as well as 100 other countries.
  • Rechargeable, so you can top off from any Internet connection.


Special Requests and Specific Business Calling Needs

If you have a special business request or need more help with a specific business calling need, please contact us at

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