ZapTel - VoiP - Place telphone calls with your computer and a phone card on the Internet
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Internet Dialing
Place calls over the Internet using your computer and ZapTel Phone card

Many ZapTel phone cards can be setup to place calls using a free software program on your computer with a broadband connection in lieu of a cell phone or land line. Placing your long distance calls over the Internet does not tie up your phone or use your cell phone minutes. Call quality is quite good, but will depend on your computer and internet connection. Best of all, calls placed over the Internet can be made from any place in the world, with the same rates as calling from the US. Setting up Internet calling on your phone card is free and easy, why not take a few minutes to try it now?

Using ZapTel's Internet Dialing means the Internet is used to connect your call from your Internet-connected computer (located anywhere in the world) to our telephone switch equipment in the United States. Then our high quality, traditional telephone network and routes connect your call from the U.S. switch to your calling destination. The person you call receives a regular telephone call on their land or mobile phone.


Internet Dialing is available on the following ZapTel products:


System & Equipment Requirements for ZapTel Internet Dialing

In order to use Internet Dialing you will need a broadband internet connection as well as a PC with Windows 2000 or better or a Mac with OS X 10.4 or better. In addition to a compatible computer, you will also need a microphone and speakers connected to your computer. If you need a microphone or would like something more appropriate for making phone calls, checkout some headset picks on Amazon:



Internet Dialing Set Up

Here's how easy it is to set up Internet Dialing with your ZapTel phone card:

    1. Purchase one of the above phone cards that has the Internet Dialing feature available.
    2. Log on to with your e-mail address and password to access your account dashboard.
    3. Under the heading PIN Actions, select the link Internet Dialing.
    4. Create a password to set up your Internet calling account.
    5. Your ZapTel Internet Dialing account will let you place outbound calls from any SIP compatible software or hardware.  After you create your account password, you will be given the information you will need to configure a SIP client of your choice.  Our favorite SIP software phone is Counterpath's X-Lite Softphone.  Step by step instructions are given on this page for using this software if you'd like to use it.


Making calls with ZapTel Internet Dialing

Once you are setup, you can place calls with your computer by dialing your number with the on screen keypad and pressing the call button. The on screen phone works like a cell phone. The call button (on most soft phones this button is green) places the call while the end button (on most soft phones this button is red) ends the call..

When you place your call, you will be prompted to choose your language.  Next, you will be told your remaining balance and minutes available. Your call will then be put through. This Internet Dialing account is tied to one specific PIN with that PIN's balance and rates. It is possible to setup multiple Internet Dialing accounts but each account will be tied to a separate PIN.

The calls you place over the internet will be billed the same as if you were calling from the US toll-free access number regardless of your actual location, and calls will show up in your call detail records. ZapTel Internet Dialing only allows you to place outbound calls, you will not be able to receive calls on your computer.

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