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Missionary Phone Cards
Keep in touch while working at missions worldwide

Phone cards are a great way for missionaries and church groups to stay connected with their loved ones and save money while they're helping others all over the world.  Whether you are buying a card for yourself or someone else travling to a mission, ZapTel offers a great selection of global phone cards to fit any need. 

We've had pastors travel to Ukraine with Absolute Global and report back the calls worked great, for example. 


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Select the country you will be calling from to see which card has the best rates for you.  Be sure to click on the name of the card and read through the card details in About This Card to make sure that the card will work for your calling needs.

 Here is a hand-picked list of our favorite cards for use while out of the country doing ministry work


AT&T Prepaid Phone Card

AT&T Prepaid Phone Card
  • This is the genuine full service AT&T phone card designed to work around the world. Most popular for day to day use while traveling in the USA or abroad, as access numbers are available for over 200 other countries.
  • Works from AT&T tents on U.S. military bases worldwide including Iraq (rate varies based on location).
  • Interstate rates only a nickel a minute (5¢/min) in the USA including calls to and from AK.,HI.,P.R.,USVI.
  • No service fees and never expires.
  • Available in denominations of $6.25 and $59.99.

Click here to buy an AT&T Prepaid Phone Card.


True North Phone Card

True North 

  • Includes access numbers for the USA and 100 other countries, making it great for use from home, school, work or travel.
  • Rechargeable, so you can top off from any Internet connection.
  • Six second billing--if you talk for 5 minutes and 1 second you pay only for 5 minutes and 6 seconds, versus other card that might round up to 6 minutes or more.
  • Available in denominations of $25.00 but is rechargeable from $20 to $100.

Click here to buy a True North Phone Card.


Absolute Global Phone Card

Absolute Global 

  • Dial from over 100 countries with Absolute Global.
  • Flat rate with no service or fees. 
  • Available in $25.00 denomination.

Click here to buy an Absolute Global Phone Card.


Absolute World

Absolute World

  •  Our most popular card for use while outside the USA.  Outstanding no nonsense rates for travelers and locals in European countries.
  •  Call from over 30 countries.
  •  Flat rate card with no service fees.  Outside the U.S., certain payphone operators may impose surcharges which will significantly reduce available minutes.
  •  Available in $25.00 denomination.

Click here to buy an Absolute World phone card.


Global Line Phone Card

Global Line for International Travel

  •  Besides great, reliable rates for calls back to the U.S., this might just be your best card for making long calls from the US to other countries.
  •  Recharge your PIN 24/7 online through your ZapTel account.
  •  Available in $20.00 denomination but rechargeable from $20 to $100.

Click here to buy a Global Line phone card.


Study Abroad Student's Choice Phone Card

Study Abroad Student's Choice

  •  Call from over 100 countries back home to USA while studying or working abroad. Great rates calling from the USA, too.
  •  Same PIN works for calls to USA or from USA so families can call you too if you can be reached by telephone.
  •  Straight rate billing - If you talk for 5 minutes you pay for 5 minutes -- no extra fees of any kind added by the carrier. (Note that some countries may add their own fees - we try to note these for you on the  access number list).
  •  Online account management - just sign in from anywhere in the world to see current pin balance, check access numbers or dialing instructions, or to top off your card.
  •  Available in denominations of $5.00, $10.00, and $25.00; rechargeable from $5.00 to $100.00.  (Please note - processing fee added to purchases under $15.00).

Click here to buy a Study Abroad Student's Choice phone card.


Tips Before Purchasing an International Phone Card

  • It's best to know what kind of phone you'll have access to before purchasing a phone card.  For instance, if you are using a phone that will only work with AT&T phone cards, you'll want to purchse the AT&T Prepaid card instead of one of the others.
  • Please note that some pay phones outside the United States may impose high surcharges that may reduce the total number of minutes you'll receive with your phone card.
  • Make sure to read through all the details on the About This Card and Instructions pages.  This will help you better understand each card's specific details as well as the dialing instructions you'll have to follow.  Also, country specific information such as access limitations are listed with the country's access number on the access number list for each card. 
  • For more tips about using phone cards from outside the U.S., click here.
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