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Using phone cards with mobile phones
Saving money with phone cards when calling from your mobile phone

Phone cards are a great way to save money when using a mobile phone. Whether your need is for prepaid cellular refill card or an International prepaid phone card to use from your mobile phone, ZapTel's phone cards can help you stay within a budget.

International Calling from Your Mobile Phone

All of ZapTel's international phone cards can be used from U.S. originating mobile phones to place calls to locations all over the world as long as you have service provided to your mobile phone. All you have to do is dial the access number for your phone card, enter your PIN, and dial the international phone number you'd like to call. Your international minutes will come off the balance of your phone card.

Please note that you still use minutes from your own cell phone plan for the toll free 800 access number calls, but your low international rates are charged to your phone card. If you have time periods with your phone plan where calling is free or unlimited, you can use your phone card without these minutes being reduced.

The best phone cards to use from your mobile phone are ones with PINzap™ pinless dialing. You can set up your phone card to recognize your mobile phone number so all you have to do is dial the access number from your phone and you're able to use your phone card.

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ZapTel's Pick for International Calls from Mobile Phones...

Wireless World

Wireless World Phone Card

  • Wireless World is a popular ZapTel product for adding a low cost, simple, no fee, rechargeable, international calling plan without changing your current mobile phone service or number (such as Verizon, Cingular, Sprint, Boost, and others).
  • No PIN to dial when you use PINzap™ pinless dialing. Online call detail records. Speed Dial. Our very best "no extra fees" rate plan.
  • When you receive your PIN, sign into your ZapTel account to Register your mobile phone number for Pinless dialing and make a test call. That's it! (You can add up to ten different numbers for pinless dialing).
  • 24/7 access to recharge and call detail --convenient to your schedule
  • No need to switch your existing wireless carrier
  • No monthly fees, connect or subscription fees


Cellular Refill Cards for Prepaid Mobile Phones

Prepaid Wireless Refill Cards are the best way to avoid surprise cell phone bills. By popular demand, ZapTel carries this product line for our customers.

ZapTel does not sell the actual cell phones for these plans (after all, a phone is hard to deliver by email!). We act as a convenient dispenser for refill cards.

Since they are prepaid, you never need coins and you do not need to worry about a monthly bill. offers several of the most popular refill cards, delivered instantly to the screen and by email, just like we do with our popular phone cards.

Buy a prepaid cellular refill card for any of the following prepaid plans:

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