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Helpful Phone Card Features
Full service features available on most ZapTel phone cards

Phone cards are not only a great way to save money, but are also a great way to place phone calls quickly with less dialing.  Many of ZapTel's phone cards have full service features that make dialing internationally quick and easy along with having the ability to track your phone calls online. 

Take a look at the features available on many ZapTel phone cards.  Available features are listed on each card's detail page.


Rechargeable Phone Cards Rechargeable Phone Cards

You can quickly recharge (or as some say fill-up or top-off) your ZapTel phone card from your online account. 

  1. Sign in to your account (in that grey box at the top of this page, for example).
  2. Find the card in your account and click on the Recharge link (no need to type in your PIN).
  3. Select the amount to recharge and click the Add to Cart button, then check out. 
  4. Your pin balance is updated instantly with most carriers, up to 30 minutes with others. 


Online Call Detail Records  Online Call Detail Records

If your ZapTel phone card has the Call Details link Online Call Detail Records on your Account History page, click on that link to generate a list of your most recent calls. You may also specify a date range, and most reports will calculate the total per-minute charges for the period (not including service fees).  There is a maximum display range of 255 detail  records ove a period of 60 days.  Call details are available for last 6 months. 


PINzap Pinless Dialing PINzap™ Pinless Dialing

This optional feature is only enabled when you register one or more phone numbers using the Add button on your Rechargeable Account Management page for your PIN.  This is a self-service feature; you have 24 hour access using your ZapTel account to add or delete your PINzap™ registered phone numbers. 

The sole benefit of PINzap is to simplify placing a call with your ZapTel phone card, and to save time, by enabling you to skip entering your PIN number when calling from a phone number you have registered.  You may register up to 10 different phone numbers with your PIN. 

To access PINzap settings for your active ZapTel card with this feature, log into your Dashboard and click on PINzap™ link PINzap Pinless Dialing for the card you wish to set up.

Click here for more information about PINzap™ along with system limitations.


Speed Dial  Speed Dial

Dial a single digit to call your international destinations with ZapTel Speed Dial.  Create up to 99 spead dials for a single ZapTel PIN number.  This self-service feature is available in your online account.  The Speed Dial link Speed Dial appears on your Account Dashboard next to the phone card PINs that have this feature available.  Click on the link, then pick your shortcuts (from 1 to 99) and enter your destination numbers exactly like you would if you were using your card.  Then print out the page for a handy reference for your account. 

Click here for more information about Speed Dial along with system limitations.


Internet Dialing Internet Dialing This feature is in beta.

Many ZapTel phone cards can be setup to place calls using a free software program on your computer with a broadband connection in lieu of a cell phone or land line. Placing your long distance calls over the Internet does not tie up your phone or use your cell phone minutes. Call quality is quite good, but will depend on your computer and internet connection. Best of all, calls placed over the Internet can be made from any place in the world, with the same rates as calling from the US. Setting up Internet calling on your phone card is free and easy.

Click here for more information about Internet Dialing along with system requirements.


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