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Rechargeable Phone Cards
Adding more talk time to an existing PIN

Many ZapTel phone cards are rechargeable so you can add more time to your current PIN.  You can quickly recharge (or as some say fill-up or top-off) your ZapTel phone card from your online account. 

Adding time to your card is easy.  Just follow these quick steps:

  1. Sign in to your account (in that grey box at the top of this page, for example).
  2. Find the card in your account and click on the Recharge link (no need to type in your PIN).
  3. Select the amount to recharge and click the Add to Cart button, then check out. 
  4. Your pin balance is updated instantly with most carriers, up to 30 minutes with others. 


Recharge is available on the following ZapTel products:

 Africa's Best
 Extreme Talk Time USA  Minute by Minute
 Asia's Best
 Flying Colors!  Oceans International
 Au Pair's Choice
 Genesis Phone Bank
 Call the World  Global Line  Precision World
 Destination Cell  India's Best  Study Abroad Student's Choice
 Europe's Best  International Student's Choice  True North
 Everyday USA  Mexico's Best  Wireless World
 Extreme Talk Time International  Middle East's Best  








Need assistance recharging your phone card?  Send us an e-mail at





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