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Student Phone Cards
Great phone cards with low rates for international & study abroad students

Studying in another country is a once in a lifetime experience...Calling home to talk about it shouldn't be.

Whether you're traveling to the United States to study for the year or traveling from the United States to study abroad, ZapTel's phone cards make it easy and affordable to stay connected with your loved ones.  With this in mind, ZapTel has 2 phone cards created especially for international and study abroad students.


International Student's Choice 

International Student's Choice

  • Call from the United States to 200+ countries all over the world.
  • Works great from landlines, dorm phones, mobile phones and pay phones (there is a $0.65 per call surcharge when using this card from a pay phone).
  • Use PINzap™ Pinless Dialing and Speed Dial to dial less numbers when using your phone card.
  • Cards available in denominations as low as $5.
  • Recharge your PIN from$5 to $100.

Note: Orders under $15 incur a small service fee.

Click here to buy an International Student's Choice phone card and for more information.


Study Abroad Student's Choice

Study Abroad Student's Choice

  • Call from over 100 countries back home to the USA while studying abroad.
  • Same PIN works for calls to USA or from USA so parents can call you too if you can be reached by telephone.
  • One click printing of your phone card with just the information you need to take with you. Check out Print-n-Go.
  • Straight rate billing - If you talk for 5 minutes you pay for 5 minutes -- no extra fees of any kind added by the carrier. (Note that some countries may add their own fees - we try to note these for you on the access number list).
  • Online account management - just sign in from anywhere in the world to see current pin balance, check access numbers or dialing instructions, or to top off your card. Or get your parents to do it for you!

Note: Small service fee applies to orders less than $15.

Note: International mobile carriers and some payphone operators can impose surcharges and/or bill at a much higher rate per minute, sometimes very high. These surcharges are regulatory approved. These charges will be deducted from your PIN, if applicable, significantly reducing available minutes.

Click here to buy a Study Abroad Student's Choice phone card and for more information.


Click here for more international and study abroad student calling tips.


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