ZapTel International Travel Phone Card by Verizon

Absolute Global for international travel

Dial from over 100 countries back to USA and country to country - Verizon quality.

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About This Card Instructions Access Numbers Rate Table
Enter a country, city, state, province, area code, or type of number (toll free or local) to find the numbers you need

All Access Numbers
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Number Type From Country Region Number Language Usage
Toll Free American Samoa Any 633-2624 English
Toll Free Argentina Any 0800-555-1002 English To call using Telecom
Toll Free Argentina Any 0800-222-6249 English To call using Telefonica
Toll Free Armenia Any 0-800-10 122 English
Toll Free Australia Any 1-800-730 014 English AAPT
Toll Free Australia Any 1-800-551-111 English OPTUS
Toll Free Australia Any 1-800-881-100 English TELSTRA
Toll Free Austria Any 0800-999-762 English
Toll Free Bahamas Any 1 800 888 8000 English 10/04 we have reports that many public phones and some private phone block use of this card in Bahamas.
Toll Free Bahrain Any 800 00 002 English
Toll Free Bangladesh Any 1570012 English From rotary phones
Toll Free Bangladesh Any 1570013 English From touch tone phones
Toll Free Belarus Any 8-10-800-103 English From Gomel & Mogilev regions
Toll Free Belarus Any 8-800-103 English From most locations
Toll Free Belgium Any 0800-10012 English not accessible from mobile phones
Toll Free Belize Any 557 From Hotels
Toll Free Belize Any 815 From Pay Phones
Toll Free Bolivia Any 800-10-2222 English
Toll Free Brazil Any 0-800-890-0012 English not accessible from mobile phones
Toll Free Brunei Any 800-011 English no resale or mobile access;no country to country calling allowed
Toll Free Bulgaria Any 00800-0001 English Access not permitted from payphones or mobile phones.
Toll Free Canada Any 10 digit pins use 1-800-628-4854, 14 digit pins use 1-888-757-6655 English
Toll Free Chile Any 800-360-180 English To call using ENTEL
Toll Free Chile Any 800-207-300 English To call using Telephonics or Mundo
Toll Free China Any 108-12 English
Toll Free China Any 108712 English China Network Group
Toll Free Colombia Any 01 8009 160 001 English
Toll Free Colombia Any 01 8005 160 001 English ORBITEL
Toll Free Cook Islands Any 09121 English
Toll Free Costa Rica Any 0800-012-2222 English
Toll Free Cyprus Any 800-90000 English
Toll Free Denmark Any 8001-0022 English Not from Mobile phones
Toll Free Dominican Republic Any 1 800 888 8000 English CODETEL & TRICOM
Toll Free Ecuador Any 1 999-170 English To call using Andinatel.Limited availability.
Toll Free Ecuador Any 1-800-999-170 English To call using Pacifictel.Limited availability.
Toll Free Egypt Any 02-2795-5770 English Outside Cairo;public pay phones require coin deposit
Toll Free Egypt Any 2-795-5770 English Within Cairo;public pay phones require coin deposit
Toll Free El Salvador Any 800-1767 English To call using CTE Telecom
Toll Free El Salvador Any 800-1567 English To call using Telefonica
Toll Free Estonia Any 800 12 122 English
Toll Free Fiji Islands Any 004-890-1002 English
Toll Free Finland Any 08001-102-80 English
Toll Free France Any 0-800-99-0019 English
Toll Free French Antilles Any 0 800-99-0019 English Martinque/Guadeloupe/La Reunion Islands
Toll Free French Guiana Any 0 800-99-0019 English
Toll Free Georgia Any 8-024995 English
Toll Free Germany Any 0800-888-8000 English Payphone service may be restricted by a few privately owned companies in central Frankfurt airports (Tele2)
Toll Free Ghana Any 019-019 English Not accessible from mobile phones.
Toll Free Greece Any 00-800-1211 English
Toll Free Guam Any 10 digit pins use 1-800-628-4854,14 digit pins use 1-888-757-6655 English
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