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Global Caller for international travel

Traveling outside the USA? Don't forget your passport, and your ZapTel Global Caller!

USA - 48 States to Georgia

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About This Card Instructions Access Numbers Rate Table

Phone Card Features:

Important Usage Details:

Surcharge per call: What is a surcharge?

Service Fee: What is a service fee?

Billing Increments:
1 minute

Payphone Surcharge:
$1.09 in US
OUTSIDE USA - certain payphone operators may impose surcharges which will significantly reduce available minutes

Never expires if you make 1 call per year

Call Origination Allowed:
From many countries

Multilingual Technical Support:

Technical Support:
From US only 1 866 284 9972 or email

About the Global Caller for international travel Phone Card

New! About to travel outside the USA? Take a Global Caller Card with you.

Call from several most popular countries back to the USA using the local access numbers provided for each country. Call country-to-country as well. Access numbers for:

- USA (800 and local access everywhere)
- Canada (7 cities)
- France - (National access number)
- Germany (Frankfurt access number)
- Italy - (Rome access number)
- Japan - (Tokyo access number)
- Mexico - (Mexico City access number)
- Switzerland - (Geneva access number)
- United Kingdom -UK - (National access number)

*Note that the access numbers may incur in country long distance charges if you are not in the local city.

*Note -reminder to check the International List of access numbers before you purchase to make sure you can use the card from the specified city.

A few tips:

From hotels - Hotels are not obliged to recognize International Access numbers associated with the phone card as free and may charge you for the call. Please check with the hotel reception.

From payphones - In some countries you may require a coin deposit to call local access numbers.Some payphones may restrict the number of digits that may be accepted when dialing.

From mobile phones - we are not aware of any restrictions when calling with a local access number. Please check with your mobile carrier.

Unused balances can be used for US domestic usage at $0.031 per minute

Updated rates on June 22,2018

Card User Ratings:

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