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Minute By Minute

Our newest "flat rate" card with no extra fees, pay just Minute by Minute!

USA - 48 States to Philippines

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Phone Card Features:

Important Usage Details:

Surcharge per call: What is a surcharge?

Service Fee: What is a service fee?

Billing Increments:
1 minute

Payphone Surcharge:

Never expires if used once per year

Call Origination Allowed:
48 US states and Canada.

Multilingual Technical Support:

Technical Support:

About the Minute By Minute Phone Card

You talk minute by minute, so why not just pay minute by minute?

ZapTel's simple-to-understand phone card has great rates for home, business, or students making calls from the USA to the world. Talk for a minute, pay for a minute. No other fees to affect your rate.

Tip: Flying Colors, True North, and Minute by Minute are ZapTel's three main "straight rate" plans. Each is from a different carrier so you have a choice with ZapTel. If you prefer straight rate cards, one of these is bound to have the quality and rate you are looking for. As far as we know, ZapTel may be the only online phone card store with integrated recharge, flat rate cards from three different carriers for you to choose from.

INTRASTATE RATE: Due to intrastate regulation, when making a call within a single state, such as calling from one city to another in Texas, add 1/2 cent per minute to the stated USA rate. Calls beyond the state line or to other countries are not affected by this change.

Rate Notice: Rates updated on May 6,2018.

Card User Ratings:

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