Oceans Europe

Oceans Europe

Just want the lowest rates to Europe without a connect fee - this might be your best choice.

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About This Card Specifications Access Numbers Rate Table
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Calling Instructions:

1. Dial from the USA (48 states) 1-888-661-3502. From Canada dial 1-800-464-3518.

Note to VoIP, home and mobile phone users with unlimited USA calling plans: Dial 213-226-8436 instead of the 800 number listed above for the lowest cost and most reliable access for your calls from the USA.

2. Enter your PIN.
3. For calls in the U.S. dial 1 + area + number.
4. For international calls, dial 011 + country code + city code + number.

Card expires 90 days after first use

Call Features

  • Call Continue- To dial a different number after a call is complete: Stay on the line. Press pound, pound (##) and then dial a new number.
  • Language Options- To hear instructions in a different language first dial the access number, then press star (*) followed by the corresponding number: 1 - Spanish; 2 - Bulgarian; 3 - Polish; 4 - Tagalong; 5 - Portuguese 6 - Russian; 7 - Romanian; 8 - Chinese Mandarin; 9 - Arabic
The language option needs to be entered before entering the PIN#.

Service Provider's Warranties & Product Information:

Rates are subject to change without notice. Services by Nobeltel.

Service Provider: Nobel

Quality carrier, one of the pioneers in prepaid calling services. Nobel's products are anchored by NobelTel, Nobel's own facilities-based carrier division. This means better connectivity and reliability for our customers.

Card Type: Oceans Europe

High quality calling with a ZapTel Ocean phone card with rates optimized for Europe.

Ocean's EuropeTM is a protected trademark of ZapTel Corporation and the card artwork is (c)Copyright 2018 ZapTel Corporation, All Rights Reserved.


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