ZapTel True North local access 6 second billing pinless international phone card

True North

Local Access numbers with 6 second billing give you rock bottom straight rates, also a rechargeable travel card for 100 countries.

USA - 48 States to Russia

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About This Card Instructions Access Numbers Rate Table

Phone Card Features:

Rechargeable Call Details PINzap™ pinless dialing

Important Usage Details:

Surcharge per call: What is a surcharge?

Service Fee: What is a service fee?

Billing Increments:
6 second rounding

Payphone Surcharge:
$0.99 in the USA;
OUTSIDE USA - certain payphone operators may impose surcharges which will significantly reduce available minutes

Never expires if used at least once every 10 months

Call Origination Allowed:
USA and 100 other countries

Multilingual Technical Support:

Technical Support:
1-888-662-3506 (From Canada 1-800-807-5404, all others 760-748-4127 billed to card. Or email - 1-888-662-3506

About the True North Phone Card

Head True North with ZapTel. The true rate per minute is all you get; no need to adjust for extra fees because there are none. Our only straight rate plan with six second billing, too.

This is ZapTel's True North straight rate phone card. Includes access numbers for the USA and 100 other countries, making it great for use from home, school, work or travel.
  • Rechargeable, so you can top off from any Internet connection
  • PINzap - Skip the need to enter a pin. A time saver! (For calls from USA only)
  • Using a VoIP service or a mobile phone plan with free USA calls? Lower your per-minute rate for international calls by dialing a True North Local Access phone number. Local Access numbers not available for all regions or cities.
  • Includes a Local Access Number near you, or use the US toll free access for one cent more per minute. Having more than one way to access your PIN means you have a backup in case there is ever an issue with one number.
  • LOCAL ACCESS - if the customer chooses a local number to access the phone card, it is the customer's responsibility to make sure that the local number is recognized by their service provider as a local call at no additional cost to their phone service. If their service provider does not consider it a local number then the customer is liable for any fees that their phone service charges. Also note if the customer chooses a local number to access the phone card, it is the customer's responsibility to make sure that their hotel does not charge an additional fee to their room for usage.ZapTel is not liable for the charges.
  • International Local access numbers are expressed in national dialing pattern. The numbers in parenthesis are the access number's city codes. Depending on your phone system, you may not need to dial the city code when dialing the access number.
  • Rates for calls originating from abroad may vary due to phone equipment used (i.e., land line, mobile, or pay phone). Typically calling from a land line is the more economical rate per minute.
  • From hotels - Hotels are not obliged to recognize International Toll Free numbers or Local Access numbers associated with the phone card as free and may charge you for the call. Please check with the hotel reception.
  • From payphones - In some countries you may require a coin deposit or use of a local phone card to call toll-free numbers.
  • From mobile phones - Charges may apply to call International Toll Free numbers. Please check with your mobile carrier.
  • Note: International mobile carriers and some payphone operators can impose surcharges and/or bill at a much higher rate per minute, sometimes very high. These surcharges are regulatory approved. These charges will be deducted from your PIN, if applicable, significantly reducing available minutes.

Updated rates May 31,2017

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