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Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the Precision World card I purchased from ZapTel to use while my girlfriend is in Austria. I had never used an international phone card before and was skeptical that it would work as represented. I'm happy to report that every single feature worked as promised, including PINless dialing and the Speed Dial feature. PINless dialing and Speed Dial are particularly important to us in that my girlfriend's mother (who can also use the card - it allows up to 10 users with PINless dialing) here in the States only has to call one 800 number then enter "01" to speak to her daughter. She's not the most technologically adept person; having to call an 800 number, then enter a PIN, then enter the US international access code, then enter the Austria phone number would have been daunting to her. The Precision World card made international calling truly simple and inexpensive (6.4 cents per minute with no fees or surcharge - just a straight rate). I guess I've written a lot of words to tell you we're more than satisfied and will be using ZapTel again. And we will. Thanks for offering a product that actually does what you said it will do.

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- Michael W. 5/26/13

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