T-Mobile To-Go and Prepaid Cingular mobile refill cards (Pay as you go)
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As of December 1, 2011 we don't sell AT&T or T-Mobile refill pins anymore. Sorry about that. But you've come to the right place if you need the very best in international phone cards!

Prepaid Wireless Refill Cards are the best way to avoid surprise cell phone bills. By popular demand, ZapTel carries this product line for our customers.

ZapTel does not sell the actual cell phones for these plans (after all, a phone is hard to deliver by email!). We act as a convenient dispenser for refill cards.

Since they are prepaid, you never need coins and you do not need to worry about a monthly bill. Zaptel.com offers several of the most popular refill cards, delivered instantly to the screen and by email, just like we do with our popular phone cards. Let us know if you would like us to carry a brand or denomination that you do not see here.


  • If you are a current customer, your account is already set up
  • Delivered instantly on your computer screen and by email
  • No add-ons or service fees added by ZapTel
  • Same brand name cards but with ZapTel convenience
  • Buy an international phone card at the same time for your overseas calls
Prepaid Mobile Refill Cards
Please let us know if you would like other brands or denominations, Click here to request other brands and denominations
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